Rajapeta History – Part 1

Rajapeta-History01Rajapeta Samsthanam also named as Telangana Dakshina Mahadwaram. During the NIZAM period, Hyderabad State is combination of 3 parts and 30% of the total State was under Independent Samsthans. In Telangana Area there are 14 Samsthans and they will just pay Tax only, and total administration will be under their own hands.

RAJAPETA samsthan is one of the 14 samsthans of Telangana and was one of the highly income generated area during NIZAM period, at that time revenue was 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees in a year.

Rajapeta-History03There is a Fort at Rajapeta Samsthan which is having History of 250 years, the Fort is combination of Glass buildings, Internal Roads, Gardens and Huge Walls
called as BURJ. The Fort turned as Gadi after so many decades. The Fort was built by King called RAJA RAYANNA in the year 1775 during Kakatiya Dynasty and the kingdom called RAJA RAYANNA PETA, over the period the name converted to RAJAPETA. The historical structure of the fort which was surrounded by huge wall showcases the royal senses and security system. The entire village is covered by wall and all houses are surrounded by wall. The entire village of nearly 35 acres will be covered by Huge wall called Burj and 4 Huge Entrances.

9 thoughts on “Rajapeta History – Part 1

  1. Thank you for the information sir,
    you said the fort was built by RAJA RAYANNA,in 1775 during KAKATIYA DYNASTY,
    but kakatiya dynasty was ended in 1323A.D.
    can you plz clarify my doubt?


  2. Wonderful sir….. history of telangana was nailed by the past andhra rulers….. let us rejuvenate our history and culture like this on and on and on …… hats off to you……enthralled to know about rajapet sansthan …… _ kpnrao, karimnagar


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